Thursday, December 1, 2011

2012-13 MCC (hopeful) Anatomy Lab manual

Rich Hainey and I threw this thing together for a "try out" for the MCC A&P lab manual cover.  Really, though,...he did all the digital work.  Aint it great?  The images are my own visual note taking from spring 2011.  Rich scanned them in, tinkered away with these magic fingers of his, and vwala, there you have it - a likely winner of the contest.  He only took like 2-3  hours making it.  sick huh?  Zoom in and check it out.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Wordle: random writings
Wordle: 1st life Journal  
A word cloud is an image of uploaded text presented in a size-to-frequency
expression.  for example: if i wrote the word "love" more than the word
"hate," love would appear larger than hate in the word cloud.Such a 
representation reveals ones true self, as their most persistent thought
stands out above all else. The first is of a series of writings i called
"randomwritings" that i wrote in when i was 17.The second is my entire 1st
life journal.make one here:   
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Friday, May 20, 2011


This is for a project my friend Greg Webb is in the middle of.  It was way fun to make because it's been so long since I worked with oil pastel.  But here it is...and soon, Greg will be famous and I can say that I (somewhat) helped him get there.  You're welcome, Greg!!!  Just messin', dog.  Thanx fo yo business!  (remember me when you're famous.)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pindar Wedding

"The Pindar Wedding"
Charcoal on frustratingly textured paper, 8x10
This portrait is the smallest I've done in a while (its an 8x10).  A friend of mine, John Pindar, just celebrated his anniversary and he wanted to get his wife something extra special.  I think a portrait of a couple is one of the most prized, sentimental, romantic things (for lack of a better word) a couple can share.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Madison and Willard Durkin Complete

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Monday, November 29, 2010

SLC Temple Doors II

This is my new (and much better) version of the SLC Temple doors (size: 14x23).  A lot went into this rendition (original seen below), and a lot goes into the prints (above).  Like before each is printed on either cavas or a quality art paper then gold-leafed by hand, box-mounted, painted, signed and glossed.  Luckily, due to new materials and increased efficiency, I've cut my prices quite a bit.  They are now only $150.  The price can be altered depending on size, gloss levels and surface (canvas, paper, etc.) The craftsmanship is always enjoyable to look at, but their real quality is in the special spirit they can bring by their presence in a room.           

 The original is in the private collection of Connie and Lothaire Bluth 

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


this ones for mama. its that charity scripture (Moroni 7).
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John and Raighly (sp, sorry).  it was their anniversary so her brother Andrew (Nielsen) commissioned me to make this for them.  they were pretty happy with how it came out. 
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This is the process of Katherine(my 2nd cousin)'s birthday portrait.  She drew one of me so it was only fair that i draw one of her.  She is such a good little artist herself and i think one day she may even be famous!  her favorite parts of this drawing are:  i got her teeth "perfect," the circles, and the "cracks." meda was charcoal, willow charcoal, prismacolor pencil (red), watercolor, gold leaf, light gloss finish.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SLC Temple Doors revisited

Here's the final product of President Lothaire Bluth's birthday present.    if you ask me its much better than the first Temple doors i made.  why?  because the first was with a graphite based , less manipulatable (is that a word?) media called ebony pencil.  this new one was with charcoal-much more potential there for higher contrast, crisper edges, smoother shading and a more correctable drawing...each  allow for greater realism.  also, the fact that i was making it for someone drove me to greater efforts (and for whom it was for -also a motivation)  
 MEDIA:  charcoal, No 2 pencil, watercolor, 23.5 Karrot gold leafing, Sterling Silver leafing, acrylic paint (black), red pen, Prismacolor colored pencil, mat board, pine and thin particle board (mounting), antique glaze and satin sealer.   
and there they are:  president Lothaire Bluth  and his lovely wife Connie, who  commissioned me for the piece.  awesome people.  extreme art lovers i tell you what!
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updated: Without Roots

thanx again Morgan Tanner.  nice picture taking.
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better quality: Long After the Sandstorm

heres the updated portfolio version of this one.  thanx to Morgan Tanner!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mexican Wedding

this one was fun.   ive never drawn a mexican wedding before.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Madonna de Madera

mother of wood.  or is it my lady of wood?  the trees in the back ground are very much alive.  anything you make using the wood cut from them is alive as well.  they and the mother mourn the destuction of the homes around them.

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Dust Bowl Mamas

im still wondering what it means.  perhaps its on the underappreciated nessesity of motherhood...?  i dont know!  but perhaps if we break it down we'll discover more about it.  the subject in the foregrownd is playing a violin while all the others seem to be working very hard.  notice that no one but the other ladies seem to pay any attention to her.  perhaps it's because they empathize with unappreciated nurturing (?)  every person in  the lines is looking down.  why?  are there not women of startling size right in front of them.  is there not beautifull music playing?  one does notice.  shes the fourth in the forground line to the right.  she's a little ecuadorian woman named guadalupe.  perhaps shes the only one who sees past being accustomed to a commonality anyone outside of this world depicted would consider strange.  why are they taking refuge?  is it the vultures?  anyway, i dont know all what it means but heres the subjects:  motherhood (nurture), work, danger, refuge.
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The Professor

heres a better quality shot of the professor.  click on it to see the details. 
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zac Beus' Business Card Design

another oil pastel!  I made all but the lettering.  it was diferent! it was fun!  hit zac up some time for anything from "solo to small combos for all occasions" (post edited to remove personal number)   You are welcome. 

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Dust Bowl Mothers I

Made entirely with lines of black Prismacolor marker, Dust Bowl Mothers is done in perhaps my most different style to date.  it was a foriegn road from start to finish for me but its been fun.  i dont know if ill ever make another like this enjoy it.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

burning olympus cd release: going nowhere

click to hear/buy their music:

here it is! the finished product! thanx to the assignment of the band "Burning Olympus" i now have another peice to share. These people pictured here are asending from, and descending into the water, thus accomplishing the visual of "Going Nowhere," the name of their cd. of course there is a deeper meaning here than a few guys leaving the water to only enter it again. the 6 people on the left are rising up with more vibrant colors and symbols of life and youth. click on the picture to see the first mans breath, the second w a flag ('A' for alpha, or beginning), a baby, a hiker-for travel and adventure, a green dress and a candle, and a fishing pole. notice also the leaves and birds on the left. The man in the middle is holding a light, whos significance we will discuss hereafter. to his left you will find six symbols of death and or aging. notice the darker duller colors, the beard and gun, the grey hair and cane, the pipe, their reluctance to move foreward, the red flag "Omega" or end, the dark hooded robe, and the last breath of life. on this side there are no leaves, no birds, and look at that setting sun! The middle figure is the seventh from either end, seven being a greek symbol for completion, directing us to where we are complete- not in the past, not in the future, but in the moment. the message is altered slightly to explain the importance of this present time, but not nesisaraly to the completeness found in the middle of ones life we call the prime. it may appear that way...? sorry for the confusion. The light is a symbol of the present. Continue Reading »

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our aniversary picture: untitled

Ashley Stott is the most amazing beautiful thing in the world.  i am a  very lucky man to have her.  i cant believe its been a year weve been married!  last night we were talking about our life together in categories, the funniest moments, the most awkward moments, happiest, saddest, funnest, weirdest, most romantic and "favorite".  talking about all this with her got me thinking about how happy i am, not just TO BE with her, but BEING with  her.  theres a difference between just  feeling lucky and thriving. Ashley "thrives" me.  she inspired a drawing that ive wanted to make ever since she pointed out her favorite picture of us, courteousy of Taryn Beus, for our engagement.  i knew i wanted to make it for her, but you cant jump into a 40 hour peice of art in the middle of school , work, and personal life (wherein hiding the peice is crucial), without it being for a very special occasion. for that occasion ive had to wait. 
and here it is, finally.  ive been working on it for a couple months now and at last it is complete.  Ashley had no idea i was working on this- ive been very sneeky (sir).  about every other day of february and march ive been carefully crafting, making it just right.  The difference between this one and the other mixed medias (particularly a drawing with watercolor over top) is this one is made of charcoal.  i have decided to use charcoal from now on, other than the peices that are already in motion (2).  charcoal, i have discovered, allows you to achieve a greater range of values, that is your darks are darker and your whites are whiter (whiter due to its stark contrast to  the now darker darks.)  it also makes a more real, almost photographic, quality to the subjects depicted.   Continue Reading »